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Welcome to our American Era History website, where we hope you will gain a whole new perspective of history by reading and studying and enjoying our uniquely formatted history books. 
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About our American Era History eBooks

Basically, we take antiquarian history books, disassemble them, digitize them,  and then reassemble them into a modern multimedia enhanced format that includes a variety of features, including larger text, slide shows, sounds, music, etc. Some publications include additional, supplemental material, such as movie clips, period music, supporting text, etc.

Our publications colorful, soundful, searchable, bookmarkable, printable, viewable, very readable, and enjoyable.

We create our books from antiquarian history books, and nonfiction books. Some books are actually history text books designed for students, while others are nonfiction works that have historical value by virtue of their subject matter. For instance, our publication, San Francisco Calamity by Earthquake and Fire, cannot be defined as a history booke, per se, but the historical content cannot be denied, and it is a valuable resource for historians and students, alike.

What is American Era History ?

American Era, does not mean American Only History.  It is our intent to produce publications that encompass history of civilization, during the American Era, which we have loosely defined as beginning with the pre-American period in which Benjamin Franklin was born; 

Our publications are well suited to History Experts/Buffs, Scholars, Students, and  Teachers.

We Aim to Please

We think you'll enjoy our publications, but,  if you are unhappy with your purchase with the refund perido, we'll refund the purchase price, no questions asked. Click here to see our Refund Policy.


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American Civil War Ulysses S. Grant Lewis and Clark for Young Adults John C. Fremont for Young Adults Elisha Kent Kane for Young Adults Abraham Lincoln for Young People
 Civil War Ulysses S. Grant  Lewis & Clark  John C. Fremont  Elisha Kent Kane Abraham Lincoln's Life
Lincoln's Last Hours Frederiick Douglass Eminent Victorians white Slave Trade San Francisco Calamity by Earthquake and Fire
Lincolns Last Hours Frederick Douglass
 Eminent Victorians Fighting the Traffic in Young Girls  Arctic Explorations  San Francsco Earthquake of 1906
Panama Canal Sicty American Opinions on the War Health and Longevity Aerial Age Weekly  Coming Soon
 free sample
  Panama Canal  American Opinions on the War Health and Longevity   Aerial Age Weekly Coming 
Abraham Lincoln Flashlights of Abraham Lincoln        
Boys Life of Abraham Lincoln Flashlights of Abraham Lincoln

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