2. The Story of Elisha Ke
For Young Americans

CHAPTER I. Boyhood
The Story of Elisha Kent Kane
For Young Americans



  Sir John Franklinresponsible for the lives and spirits of the men in his party, even when they are ill and troublesome. In short, he must be brave, healthy, industrious, and learned, if he would undertake such journeys and accomplish them successfully.

Elisha Kent Kane was just the boy to become such a man. Although he was not always so willing to study as it was thought he should be, and although he was not so strong as one could wish, still he was so brave and fearless and persistent that he did much more when he grew up than most men do who have better health.

He was born February 3, 1820, in Philadelphia, and "went through the diseases and the training of infancy vigorously, with that energy of nerve and that sort of twill in the muscular texture which give tight little fellows more size than they measure and more weight than they weigh."

Elisha Kane was never large nor strong, but neither did he allow his smallness of size nor his lack of strength to interfere with anything that he undertook. He came of ancestors who loved their country and sacrificed themselves for it without any pay, and he nobly followed their fine example.

He was bold and daring, and always willing to


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