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Website Title:   American Era History Publications
Description:     An educational and fun approach to historical topics presented in unique ebookjoint format. 
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American Era History Publications - An educational and fun approach to historical topics presented in unique ebookjoint format.


If your website contains content that is relevant to, and you would like to persue a link exchange, please email us at "". Our primary focus is American Era Historical topics.  "American Era" is loosely and arbitrarily defined as beginning in the early 1700's, to the present. Please note that American Era does not limit topics to American topics, only. For instance, the sinking of the Titanic is not strictly an American topic, but it still falls with the the American Era. Like wise, Isaac Newton would fit, too.

Possible relevancies would be content that includes such topics such as Benjamin Franklin, the Revolutionary War, George Washington, War of 1812, etc, etc, Civil War, American Explorers, Lewis and Clark, Elisha Kent Kane, John Fremont, Antarctic Explorations, general history, hisotry of civilization, etc.

Not of all of our categories are defined, so feel free to suggest a new category that will better suit your topic.

If you have any questions, please contact us as "".

We have stopped providing a Form because of spamming: we were getting too many nonsensical, nonrelevant, requests.
Please do not submit a request if  the theme of your website is not relevant to American era history, as described above. We want quality links, only, from quality websites. Nonrelevant links can be harmful to the standing of a website, and  we will not exchange links with nonrelevant web sites.

We can no longer respond to requests from websites that are not relevant to the history theme of our website; it's a waste of our time, and your time.

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